Teeth Whitening in Calgary – How is it done?

When visiting a cosmetic dentist to perform teeth whitening in Calgary, you are fully aware of the fact that there are several offices you can visit, as well as a few different approaches they can take in terms of whitening the teeth. With this in mind, new patients will want to visit a cosmetic dentist who is fully licensed and certified in whitening, and one who has the requisite experience, education, and equipment, and is going to guarantee the results of the whitening they will perform during your visit.
1. Laser –
Yes, the use of lasers has made its way into dental offices. Using a laser, the dentist will whiten the teeth to a certain level. A gel layer is then placed on the teeth, in order to obtain the desired level of whiteness (to a safe level, as determined by the dentist). From there, the laser teeth whitening in Calgary process will begin. This process typically takes 60 to 90 minutes, and requires 1 to 3 sessions to attain your desired results. There is also the option to perform non-vital laser whitening. This is when the whitening agent is placed inside the tooth, as opposed to on the exterior surface. This is done for patients who’ve had a root canal or other major work performed, when it’s possible to access the interior of the tooth.

2. Topical base –
Typical bleach whitening is another popular method. Here, a whitening solution is applied to the exterior of the teeth. A thick base is applied to penetrate the teeth, and attain the highest level of whiteness possible. Typically, gauze is placed in the mouth to help prevent moisture from building up, which can result in less than desired whitening. A solution is also placed on the gumline for protection. Once the desired level of whiteness is achieved, the dentist will remove this solution. It is then rinsed with water, and in some cases, a flouride-based solution is also applied to the teeth.

3. Zoom –
This is another approach, which is highly desired today. As is the case with laser whitening, using the zoom technique, a light (laser) beam is used to whiten the tooth’s enamel base. Then, a hydrogen peroxide base is applied to the teeth, and this whitening gel will work in conjunction with the light, to help remove buildup, and to help penetrate the teeth’s exterior surface. While the light is activated, the gel layer will remain on the teeth for a period of about 15 minutes, in order to attain the desired results.

Patients are going to undergo different procedures or use varying methods when it comes to dental whitening. With this in mind, patients need to visit an office that specializes in, and performs these different procedures on a daily basis. Since the chosen method will vary in each case, new patients are going to want to compare local cosmetic dentist offices to find the best fit for their desired whitening work. This outlines a few popular methods, how they are performed, and some aspects to consider, prior to choosing where to have your teeth whitened.