5 Tips for Establishing Good Dental Habits Early

Helping children to establish good dental habits early lays the foundation for a life free from dental complications. Even though children lose their primary teeth, those teeth guide the growth of the jaws and establish the pattern that the permanent teeth will grow into. This means that it is just as important to keep the primary teeth clean and healthy as it is to take good care of permanent teeth later.


Make Brushing Enjoyable

Kids may put up a fuss if brushing feels like too much work, so making the experience pleasant can make dental care easier on everyone. Playing a song that your child loves and encouraging him or her to brush from the beginning of the song until the end can help to make it fun, while also setting an easy timer to make sure he or she is brushing long enough. Avoid yelling or punishments, as these will put a negative spin on oral care.

Help Your Child Floss

Children need help caring for their teeth for a while. Children under the age of ten usually don’t know how to floss their teeth well, so helping them can prevent cavities and gum disease. Supervising and checking their teeth when they are done is also a good idea, as they may miss spots that can lead to decay.

Model Good Dental Habits

You are your child’s role model, so showing them how to brush and floss properly and even brushing and flossing with them will set a standard in your house. Your children will be more likely to prioritize dental health if they see that you do. Setting an example can be more effective than simply lecturing children.

Establish a Daily Routine

A daily routine makes it easy for children to take charge of their own dental care, which can make them feel independent. If children know that they are expected to brush and floss their teeth in the morning before school and at night before bed, they will eventually just do it without having to be told. This daily routine will help set a pattern for good dental care for a lifetime.

Bring Your Child to the Dentist Early

Children should see a dentist for the first time before they turn one year old. As soon as the teeth begin to erupt, those teeth should be wiped down with a soft cloth regularly after meals and a dentist appointment should be scheduled. Seeing a dentist in Orlando shortly after the first teeth have erupted can help prevent plaque buildup and start a child on the right path to good dental hygiene.

If your child has recently started to cut teeth, make an appointment with your local pediatric or family dentist today!