A Guide to Endodontics

One of the several areas that a dentist can specialize in is the study of endodontics. For people who are unfamiliar with the dentistry field, this is the area that deals with dental pulp, which is the connective tissue found in the centre of the teeth. When your teeth have an infection and you require treatment, you are likely to have to get root canal therapy. However, with advancements in technology, you now have 3 options when you need treatment. These are: extractions, implants and endodontics.


Whenever your dentist tells you that you will need a root canal, it is because it is the only way to save a tooth that is diseased. Instead of losing the entire tooth, a root canal is used to preserve the tooth.

Dentists who specialize in endodontics in Burlington normally have very busy schedules. Typically, when you need a treatment procedure that falls under this category, your regular dentist will refer you to an endodontist. If you are in need of some type of root canal therapy or you are suffering from an abscess, this is the expert you should see.

It should be noted that many dental insurance policies only cover a percentage of endodontic procedures. You should ensure that your finances are okay before making your appointment. The specialist in charge of performing root canals only gets rid of infected and dead pulp present inside the tooth. After the area is decontaminated, a filling is put into the empty space. The patient will then need to get a crown from their dentist in another separate procedure.

The tooth that has been cleaned by the expert is now dead. There will be no pain, discomfort or sensation because the nerve tissue is completely removed together with the infection. A large number of treatments conducted by this kind of specialist are frequently painless.

If you do not receive treatment when there is an infection or cavity in your teeth, this could cause the infection to spread and it might eventually lead to loss of the tooth that is infected. Swelling, pain and other infection signs can be witnessed, which makes it unbearable to live with the infection. Endodontics in Burlington provides a good alternative to having tooth extractions.

Remember that it is normal and possible for teeth to have more root canals than one. If any of the canals is infected, all the root canals have to be cleaned and decontaminated, in order to prevent the infection from spreading. In case any of the canals is missed, the procedure is unsuccessful and you will need another treatment.

When looking for a specialist in endodontics in Burlington, you should only choose experienced ones. Dental surgery and any other treatment should be done by someone with experience. Considering how sensitive dental surgery is, you should only have it done by experts. The number of years a dentist has been practicing is an important thing to consider. You should also make sure the expert was well-trained by a reputable dental school.