Emergency dentists in Lethbridge – Do you need to visit one?

For those suffering from minor discomfort, pain in the gum-line, jaw, or even minor tooth aches or pain, any good west side dentist in Lethbridge can take care of these dental conditions or discomfort. But, what do you do when the pain is too severe and you can’t fall asleep at night? When it comes to emergency dental care, you don’t want to visit a general west side dentist in Lethbridge; instead, an emergency dentist in Lethbridge is the specialist you should call.


When is emergency dental care required? –
Any trauma to the mouth causing bleeding, lacerations, dislodged teeth, or otherwise, are instances when visiting an emergency dentist in Lethbridge is obviously the top priority. But, what about those issues you believe are an emergency, which truly aren’t? In these instances, understanding the difference between minor pain and discomfort, and a dental emergency, allows people to know who to visit, which will potentially save you money if it is not truly a dental emergency.

So, when it comes to absolute emergencies, it is obvious the first call you will make is to an emergency dentist. Among the obvious emergencies are:
– Lacerations to the gums.
– Teeth being dislodged, displaced, or otherwise damaged.
– Severe pain coming from the nerve.

When it is extremely severe, and you simply can’t bear the pain, these are instances in which you need to visit an emergency dental office immediately.

Why emergency care matters –
Sure, you might believe that the dislodged tooth won’t shift overnight, or that the small laceration in the gums will recede, however when it is a true emergency, this is usually not the case. The main reason to visit an emergency dental office or clinic is to prevent further damage from occurring. Even if the dentist can’t repair the tooth or do all necessary care in the middle of the night (or right when the emergency occurs), they can at least prevent further damage from occurring. Therefore, the amount of work required is lessened, the pain you might suffer from is reduced, and yes, it will save you a fair amount of money, as well.

So, even if you believe it won’t get worse, you don’t want to leave things to chance. Visiting an emergency clinic or office is the best solution when the pain is unbearable, or when you know it’s not only a small level of pain you are dealing with. Because not every dental office has an emergency team on staff, when choosing a dental office for care, this is one of the many forms of dental care you should ask about, so you can choose the right office to visit for emergencies. You never know when one might occur, but it’s important to know they can be dealt with when they do happen. So, before choosing a dental office for routine care, make sure you compare several offices, to find those that have emergency dental specialists who can do emergency care, no matter when it is necessary.