Facts and Myths on Metabolism|10 Ways to speed it up

Often we come across people who eat more but weigh less than people who eat less and weigh more.

It’s not some miracle it’s all the game of metabolism and that depends on body structure and metabolism rate some have higher compared to others hence uses more calories for all the functions.

Functions include normal routine like blinking, sleeping etc…

Let’s clear some airs around metabolism-

Thousands of chemical reactions are taking place inside a cell in an organized, well co-ordinated and purposeful manner; all these reactions are called as Metabolism.

# 1. Skinny people have high metabolism rate than the Over weight People

Actually, people with more weight have high metabolism rate compared to skinny people but it can vary from person to person.

Also, it depends on the diet of people and muscles in one’s body.

Also, men have larger organs hence they have
10 percentage higher MR than women.

Truth: Body Size is a factor but Body Composition has a far greater impact on metabolism.

# 2. You have no control over your metabolism

It depends on genes but one can change the way they want as it’s as unique as fingerprints hence it can’t be the same for two people.

With right the diet, physical workout and in the proper guidance, it is possible to change MR.

Truth: At any moment one can change their MR.

# 3. Everything eaten late-night turns to fat

This rumor spread like fire but the real motive is to stop people from over eating while watching the movie or something and late night munching.

Correct logic is the more, one eats heavy at late hours it is near to sleeping hours and thus metabolism goes slow but if one eats healthy or low-calorie food or less sugary stuff at late hours it’s perfectly fine.

Truth: Right type of calorie food won’t derail your diet.

# 4. Diet of green tea, chilli peppers, caffeine will boost metabolism.

There iare some stuffs that boosts metabolism which includes tea, coffee, spices but it fastens metabolism just till 30 Mins after having that food which is not that high to burn more of calories.

Truth: Metabolism not only break things also builds and both are vital for our body.

# 5. Metabolism slows down with an increase in age

Only if someone reduces their physical activities it has a huge impact on their metabolism but generally, it slows down a bit for women from the age of forty while in men it is from fifty years.

Hence one should always continue with some or the other physical activity they like or else even simple walking does miracles.

Truth: Even for people in 20-30’s metabolism slows down due to modern sedentary lifestyle.

10 Ways to increase metabolism:

1. Be an early bird: Sunlight is the best source of energy it wakes up your cells and starts the metabolism process with a kick. Also, it’s been seen that energy levels in early birds are high.


2. Turn up the heat: Ignite more cells by indulging into some physical activities this provides more oxygen which shall burn calories and use the heat as energy. It can be any sport you like – swimming, cycling or jogging can work wonders also it keeps heart healthy.


3. Take right amount of calories: It won’t be something very technical but near to rough idea won’t harm Calorie needs vary from body to body and to calculate it through formulae visit; Also it’s important to know needs of our body also take note of how much you can burn out as per your respective routines.


4. Stand while you take the call: Small changes like these help to a great extent and people often ain’t aware of these casual day-to-day habits which when slightly change can work as amazing health solutions. Standing at least 3 hours at your workplace is advised.


5. Skip the diet soda: More than all these supplements and health drinks
water works the best. Gulping down water at regular intervals keeps the organs healthy and also it regulates the metabolism.
Also as our body is 75% water it’s one of most essential nutrient and cures the most of the day to day health problems.


6. Switch on to temporary boosting metabolism stuffs: Coffee, green tea, spices, Whole Grains: Oatmeal and Brown Rice, broccoli, Nuts (omega 3’s), apples, Asparagus, Legumes, yoghurt.


7. Nibble on chocolate: Chocolates are famous as stress busters also few cubes of dark chocolate helps to boost metabolism though for a limited period and they are also low in calories so it’s a great snack option too.


8. Have a laugh: Laughing is rightly said to be the best medicine also it burns calories and secretes happy enzymes into the blood. Laugh till your stomach aches that’s how it should go!!


9. Indulge into hobbies: This states that spend the leisure time either by enjoying the things you love to do that can be cooking or meeting friends or reading novels or gardening or silent walks or listening to music or playing with babies or kids.. all these shall make a happier you and booth metabolism.


10. Sleep more: Most important of all is hours we sleep according to our body need to study how many hours is best for you and it not only regulates metabolism also slows down the ageing looks. Hence a good amount of sleep is a must.


Where to get help:

● Your doctor

● Dietitians

The bottom line is your metabolism functions are regulated on a day-to-day basis. Our bodies are constantly breaking down and storing nutrients.

The time of day that you eat has relatively little effect on your body’s overall metabolism, so feel free to have a late dinner or bedtime snack as long as you stay within your daily calorie budget.

The biggest way we can influence how many calories we burn and how well we manage our weight is through physical activity.

By dispelling these myths and having a basic grasp of our body’s inner workings, we’re better able to manage our own health and well-being.