4 most important times of the day to drink water

It’s much easier to say “I’m going to drink 8 glasses of water today” than to really do it. You already know to drink water while exercising or spending time in the sun etc., but how can you turn it into an everyday habit? Well, start by drinking water on each of these occasions; see, half way there already!

  1. Before and after a hot bath
    Why before: it is good for your skin, because when you take a hot bath, your pores open and the moisture in your skin evaporates.
    Why after: you need to replenish your body of the water it lost. We don’t realise how much hot water makes us perspire!
    So, from now on, drink a glass of water before and after having a bath, shower or session in the sauna.
  2. Sips between bites
    Drink water with your meal to improve your metabolism. Your body will break down food easier and absorb nutrients better, plus it will prevent you from overeating. Tip: drink room temperature water instead of ice water; it’s much better for digestion!
  3. Right after you wake up
    75% of your brain’s tissue is made of water; help refresh all its goodness by drinking a glass of water within half an hour of waking up. This will also help prevent fatigue and annoying mood fluctuations.
  4. While driving
    Simply because we don’t realise how much we are exposed to the sun while driving. If you are going to drive far, or if you get stuck in traffic, make sure to have a sip of water now and then.

Extra tip:
If you struggle to drink water because you simply don’t like it, start by drinking watered-down apple juice (at least 1/3rd water) or some cooled-down green tea. Green tea helps keeps your tummy from bloating, too!

It’s not always easy to force yourself into a new habit. Sometimes the only reason you don’t drink enough water is because you forget to. Don’t fret though, it won’t stay that way for long! For now, motivate yourself to drink more water with some sort of an award system; you are going to be craving water in no time!

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