A powerful Strain: Kratom Maeng Da

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The variety maeng da kratom capsule is one of the most powerful strains and enjoys because of its high popularity.

Varieties like Maeng Da Thai Pimps are no varieties in the sense that they are derived from a particular species but are a mixture of several varieties represent. The mentioned variety for example consists of approximately 6 to 10 Kratomsorten and is very stable in quality.

Due to the fact that several varieties are mixed, the alkaloid concentrations are averaged. If the concentration of an alkaloid in a crop is weaker, it can be intercepted by another species.

The mixing of several varieties leads to a balanced alkaloid content and thus to a characteristic effect which is different from individual varieties.

The quality of the variety hardly varies and is therefore very popular.

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“Maeng Da” is mutatis mutandis to “improved” quality and thus raises an especially intense effect produced. The most common varieties Maeng Da Thai Pimps, it is considered the most potent and is constantly recommended.

The effect

The effect of the variety Kratom Maeng Da is described as stimulating and intense. It is compared to other varieties and highly potent. Furthermore, it should be on average in the analgesic effect of this variety. The concentration of active ingredient appears to be distributed so that the stimulating and euphoric effect is in the foreground.

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Since it is a very strong variety, only a small dose is required to play a psychological effect cause.

In general, it is difficult for plant products to make a statement about the correct dosage. With potent varieties like Maeng Da, it is therefore advisable to start with small doses. Likewise, it is important whether a tolerance has already been formed.

Maeng Da Thai Pimps Dosage (rough orientation)

Desired effect newcomer
Euphoric 2.5 g – 3.5 g
Balanced 3.5 g – 5.5 g
Sedative 5.5 g upwards


Buy Kratom Maeng Da

The variety maeng da kratom capsule is usually somewhat more expensive than other kratom varieties. Consumer can purchase wholesale Kratom Maeng Da from us. This price difference is however offset by the increased concentration of active ingredient. Consumers report on noticeably more intense effects and gladly recommend the variety despite the increased price.

Generally it pays to order larger quantities at the order of Kratom, as the price per kilogram decreases significantly. It should also be noted that usually more doses are needed to find the right dosage.  This corresponds to about 3 to 4 different doses.