Hymenoplasty–A guide on reproduction of the vaginal membrane

Sex is not asimple topic. In fact, it is incredibly complicated. There are certain societies that are open to it and possess aninterest in personal pleasure. Others are pretty restrictive about it. There are religious groups and sects that oppose the sexual relations until marriage. They focus on the virginity, and for that, the thing which is seen as a decent proof is hymen that is still present.

What is hymen?

The hymen is a membrane or vaginal membrane, that is present on the female reproductive part. It is intact only till there is no sexual activity with the reproductive organ of a female. As soon as she proceeds with her first intercourse, the hymen breaks and blood spills out. After that, it is just her and her partner and no barrier between them.

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Hymen – A proof of virginity

Many people consider a hymen that is still intact as proof that a female is a virgin. The tight vagina, along with the hymen sitting on it, can make any female feel like avirgin. However, to anyone’s surprise, it is a common misconception. Although it can be seen as strong evidence that a female is a virgin, the fact that hymen can be broken due to many other reasons make it weak. Moreover, the hymenoplasty, a method through which the hymen can be grown again, allows the females that have had intercourse in the past with other partners, to grow hymen once again. Thus, you cannot say that it is a measure of a female’s virginity.

Other reasons why hymen get broken?

There are a number of reasons why the hymen of a female might be broken even when she never had sex with any person and is still avirgin. These include:

  • Riding on the back of a horse
  • Doing gymnastics
  • When anyone inserts a tampon in vagina
  • And much more

And to the surprise of many people, there are some ladies that are not even born with hymen at first place. So, you need to consider all these before you put a question on the sexual activities of a female.

Hymenoplasty – Growing hymen

Hymenoplasty is a process that allows the female to regain hymen. It is actually a membrane present at the opening of the vagina. There is no specific size, and some ladies do not even have it by birth. However, no matter what the cause is, you must note that it is hymen that breaks and bleeds, creating discomfort for ladies during first sexual experiences. Hymenoplasty can help a lady in restoring the membrane and feel fresh for herself.

What else?

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