Independent Living Tips for the Elderly

The decision to send older parents to an assisted living facility is not easy for anyone, but often people are forced by the circumstances to take this decision. The factors that can propel people to force their parents to live in an assisted living facility include their deteriorating health, inability of the children to give proper time and/ or care to their parents due to their busy schedules, job requirements, studies and /or relocation to another country or city. Whatever the case may be, the decision is never easy and rather unpleasant, considering the tedious task of choosing an elderly care facility that will provide your aging parents the care they deserve.

On the flip side, most seniors prefer to spend their old age in the comfort of their own home. There are several factors that influence their decision. They include the fear of losing their loved ones, the fear of unknown (what will happen to them at the living facility) and the fear of losing their freedom. Therefore, they do not want to live in assisted or shared living facilities.

If you are an aging person and are worried about your future for the same reasons, do not worry because we have got you covered. Here, we are sharing some tips to make independent living easier in old age:

·         Secure Your Future Financially

One of the most important factors that force elderly people to surrender to their children is the fact that they are financially dependent upon them. A financially safe and secure future makes independent living much easier. In addition to saving money for your life after retirement, buy a wide coverage life insurance that includes funeral insurance and a health insurance policy so that you do not become a financial liability upon anyone after you retire.

When it comes to understanding funeral insurance costs, a reliable insurance agent can help you understand the complex terms and conditions, determine the exact cost and finding the right life insurance with extensive coverage.

·         Make Adjustments in Your Home According To Your Limitations

Old age comes with limited mobility and a lot of health issues. The sooner you accept it, the better it will be for you. To prevent your limitations to affect the quality of your life, make sure you make adjustments in your home accordingly. For example, there are many aids available that are especially manufactured to assist older people in living normal lives, independently. These include toilet and bathroom aids, kitchen and walking aids etc.

Fitting out your home with bathroom and toilet aids is a necessity for independent living and it is best to turn to experts in this field such as Patient Handling (

·         Socialise

Majority of people stop socializing as they grow old. This is one of the biggest mistake they make. Old age brings a lot of free time and, with it, the chance to reconnect with your long lost friends and relatives. Socialising helps in keeping seniors active and also prevents a number of health issues, such as anxiety and depression.