What are the most frequently asked questions in therapy?

In a therapy, people generally ask questions with intent. If you are new to therapy, you will be wondering about the most frequently asked questions in therapy. Read on to know more about the same.


Why therapy?

Mostly, the therapist will ask you about the reason why you thought you would come to therapy. The people who attend a therapy session have some motive and they will want to know that, so that they are able to break the ice and know their client better.

Have you been to a therapy before?

To assess your comfort level, the therapist might ask if you have attended any therapy session before. This way, they will get to know about how comfortable you are and where to start the session from. Also, they might ask if your previous therapy was fruitful and you got the expected result the previous time. Sometimes, they will also ask about the approach suggested by the previous therapist.

What do you think might be wrong?

Some people would just be in need of acknowledgement at times. Thus, they might ask you about what according to your perception is wrong and why you think that things are not heading the right way. With this, the therapist will make you feel better about yourself and give a new angle to your thought process.


How does the problem have an impact on you?

Everybody has tough times and it is the attitude that matters during these times. With this question, the psychoanalyst would want to know about what the problem makes you feel and how you are reacting to the problem, so that they can help you to rationalize in a better manner.

What are the changes you would want in your life?

This question will help you to set goals. The therapist will know what you are expecting from the situation and what according to you would be the right way to set things straight. This question also lets the therapist know about how hopeful you are.

What is your general mood?

Some people have a constant mood while the others have fluctuating mood all the while. The therapist will try to assess how sensitive you are and how stable you are with your mood.  They might also ask you about how your mood gets better generally.

Expectations from the counseling session

The expectations of every individual who goes to therapy differ greatly. While some people just want to vent out, others might want acknowledgement, help with controlling their mood swings etc. Only when the therapist knows it better, they will be able to help you walk down the path.

How do you generally cheer yourself up?

Your likes, dislikes, content etc. about your present situation will be assessed in this question. Every time you feel low, you might be having your way of dealing with everything around and the therapist would want to know more about it.