How Can I Provide the Best Health Care For My Cat?

How can you provide the best health care for your cat? There is a confusing array of conflicting information about and it can be hard to see who you should believe.

There are two areas that I believe are always trustworthy:

1. Always go back to basics and then work up from there.

2. Listen to your inner wisdom. It’s there. You just have to access it and learn to use and so trust it.

So let’s look at what the basics of cat health is.

First much of it is about diet. A diet can make or break anyone, including your cat. If you go back to what cats evolved on, you’re be providing the most natural, the most nutritious cat food which totally satisfies them on all levels – physical needs, nutritional needs, mental health and happiness as well as other benefits such as clean teeth and healthy gums.

Second, a natural cat has free access to a clean and comfortable environment, with shelter from the elements but free access to natural sunshine, has as much freedom as is possible where you live, and a loving family.

Third, holistic health care, especially homeopathy, provides for better natural health than do medical drugs and vaccines. Homeopathy works by stimulating the immune system to work better. This is in stark contract to drugs and vaccines, which work by suppressing the immune system.

Inner wisdom is not something that is encouraged, or even recognised, in our very materialistic world. But it’s there, waiting for you to connect with and tap into its uses. It often comes as a feeling, or a desire to do something, which comes out of the blue. Frequently your mind comes in and argues with the logic and you end up doing what your mind tells you.

However, by realising this happens, you are then able to respect and use the feelings, rather than the logic. When you trust this, from experience, then you’ll be able to cut through all the hype and know what is best for your cat. Women are often more able to, or more easily do this than men, but men can. Learn to trust you, nature and what your cat tries to tell you.