Easy Ways to Have Dental Work Without Insurance

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford dental insurance if you’re a freelancer or your job doesn’t offer it. You still need routine dental care and the good news is there are different ways to find affordable dentists. Use these tips to help you find dental care in your area.


Affordable Dental Care Tips

Check with Local Dental Schools

While you might not want a student performing a root canal on you the first time, there are excellent dental schools where the instructor is standing nearby every step of the way. Do a search for your local dental school and read the reviews. This can help you to see what other people have said about the work that was completed so you’ll feel more comfortable.

Typically dental schools will have a long wait because let’s face it, it’s genuine dental work at a reduced price. A standard appointment may be about $50 to $100 depending on the procedure. You can always go online for pricing and the various procedures that are done. The school may have a schedule where certain days are for root canals while other days are for routine cleanings and fillings.

Pay Your Old Dentist in Cash

Another way to have reduced dental care is to contact your old dentist and ask how much a cash appointment will cost. Chances are if it’s for a procedure like a root canal, they may tell you it’s about $200 to $300 or more. Always confirm exactly what the charges will be because you don’t want hidden charges added. This can happen if you’re not numb enough for the procedure and they want to charge you more.

Tip: Let your dentist know you have a set amount, you’re on a budget and can’t pay anything additional.

Pay Your Dentist in Credit

Nerd Wallet suggests paying with a credit card. You can put your dental bill on a credit card – but don’t use their credit account. Usually, a dental credit account will require excellent credit and you may be immediately declined. Using your own card guarantees that it will be approved and you can then pay your credit card bill over the next 36-months. Another reason to see your old dentist is they have all your old x-rays!

Look in Sites like Groupon for Dental Deals

Yup. Groupon has dental deals. A lot of new dentists who are trying to build their practice might list a Groupon deal for dental implants or for a root canal and they may offer 50% off up to 75% off. You may find that a cleaning and x-rays only run about $45.

If you have specific dental needs like dentures, veneers or braces, be sure to search online. For lower jaw dental implants Scottsdale residents will do an online search for specialists in their area. Then call and ask about pricing and discounts. That way you can leave with a smile and added savings in your wallet!