Psychological Causes of Sexual Problems

The quality of sexual life depends on the emotional state of a person to a greater extent than we used to think. It is generally believed that negative emotions can have a drastic impact only on the male sexual function. In fact, the range of psychogenic sexopathologies is much wider – psychological causes lie in the heart of almost any sexual problem. Surely, sometimes such problems can have an organic or physiological nature, and in such cases medications offered on can help solve them. However, if it is psychological issues that provoke failures in bed or reduced libido, then counseling and a therapy provided by psychotherapist or sexologist could do the job.

Sexual problems or dysfunctions are usually divided into four main groups:
• Desire disorders – reduced interest in sex or low sexual desire;
• Pain disorders – various types of pain during sexual intercourse;
• Arousal disorders – inability to become sexually excited and physically aroused (erectile dysfunction in men) during sexual intercourse;
• Climax disorders – absence of climax (orgasm).

Men can also face ejaculatory dysfunctions – retarded ejaculation and premature ejaculation. Before buying drugs online to improve sexual life, it is worth understanding the real cause that underlies the issue. And to do that one should know possible psychological causes of sexual problems:

• Stress. It can result from job or money problems, relationship issues and conflicts, etc.
• Guilt. A man may experience guilt when he feels that he cannot satisfy his partner and that can cause erection problems.
• Depression. It’s one of the most common psychological causes of sexual problems and especially erectile dysfunction. Depression can provoke erectile dysfunction even if a man is comfortable in sexual situations. Moreover, medications administered for the treatment of depression can provoke sexual dysfunctions as well.
• Anxiety. Once a man faces erection problems, he may become too worried about possible future failures. Thinking too much about that can cause a constant fear of sexual failure and consequently result in erectile dysfunction.
• Indifference. This may be an age-related issue leading to a subsequent loss of interest in sex, or a result of certain medications. Indifference can also stem from relationship problems.
• Low self-esteem. It can originate from prior episodes of sexual failure or can result from other issues that are not related to sexual performance.
• Past sexual trauma. Sexual abuse and rape are believed to play a role in the development of pain disorders, particularly vaginismus, in women.